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TOTAL UAE to honour Emirati TOTAL International Scholars

 Abu Dhabi 6 June 2012

TOTAL United Arab Emirates is hosted a reunion to honour all the Emirati scholars on June 5, 2012. At Sofitel hotel in Abu Dhabi , More than 30 young Emirati TOTAL scholars will be recognized for their academic advancements and professional achievements.

TOTAL, one of the leading oil major, established TOTAL's International Scholarship Program in 2003 and it is aligned with TOTAL educational projects and initiatives worldwide. TOTAL has been sponsoring Emiratis since the program was launched.

TOTAL's International Scholarship Program aims at contributing to the development of education in the host countries where TOTAL operates. TOTAL UAE prioritises development of Emiratis under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities of the TOTAL group.

Every year, TOTAL selects scholars from higher education institutions and from partner national oil companies, like ADNOC and its group of companies, Mubadala, Dolphin Energy etc. The selected candidates are enrolled in engineering, masters, MBA and doctoral programs. ADNOC and its group of companies focus mainly on scholars for technology and innovation in petroleum and engineering subjects.

Capacity building program for Emiratis is high on the list of CSR activities undertaken by Total UAE. Emirati TOTAL scholars who have returned to the UAE maintain the network with each other and keep track of their career paths. They are the main contacts for Total’s subsidiaries and representative offices.

They also brief new Emirati scholars about schooling and daily life in France before their departure.The young Emirati men and women - TOTAL scholars - are today oil industry professionals having career in ADNOC, ADCO, ADMA OPCO, GASCO, ZADCO, Dolphin Energy, Schlumberger and others.

Some others are showing their excellence in varied professions: Emirates Nuclear Energy Operations, Mubadala, UAE Embassy in Japan, Ministry of Presidential Affairs and other highly respectable establishments. In the words of Christophe De Margerie, TOTAL CEO, he said, "Investment in countries goes above and beyond projects. Scholarships for instance are increasingly forming a pillar of our CSR activities."

When asked to comment on the event, Jean-Luc Guiziou, TOTAL UAE President said, "TOTAL welcomes young Emirati graduates to benefit from technology and innovation derived from TOTAL's worldwide operations in 130 countries. We want Emiratis to be exposed to this knowledge base and bring it to Abu Dhabi." Sultan Al-Hajji, TOTAL UAE Vice President (Institutional Development) who is responsible to direct CSR activities elaborated, "TOTAL aligns itself with 2030 vision of Abu Dhabi of transforming Abu Dhabi into an academic and knowledge based sector."

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